More attractive, more pleasant, and less intense

In 2006, Jan Havlicek, director of the Human Ethology program at Charles University in Prague, set up an experiment in which he got young, college-aged women (who were not taking hormonal contraceptives — which could theoretically affect a woman’s perception of scent) to smell a series of odor-infused swaths of cloth that had been worn in the armpits of similarly aged men.

The women were asked to rate the “pleasantness, attractiveness, masculinity, and intensity” of the sweat-infused samples. Turns out, Havlicek said, that they found the odors of vegetarians “more attractive, more pleasant, and less intense” than the meat-eaters.

— Read more in Do vegetarians smell different than meat-eaters? A strange encounter led me to find out at The Los Angeles Times via Yahoo.


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