It carried me…

For her graduation project, a men’s ready-to-wear line based on cashmere and linen, she created a multisensory show in which each garment was associated with a scent. Her proposal did not go unnoticed. After graduating, she received two job offers: one to design clothes at Martin Margiela’s atelier, and another to be a researcher of olfactory trends at Firmenich, the Swiss giant that dominates the perfume and flavor business. “I took the second one. Every morning, a senior perfumer had me smell raw materials. One day he gave me a bottle of triplal, a herbaceous, green leafy aroma, very similar to that of pine or freshly cut grass. It carried me… I don’t know where, but it carried me. That’s when I thought: ‘I want to dedicate myself to this, to creating fragrances that carry people.’”

— Read more in Delphine Jelk, the perfumer who creates custom fragrances that cost over $135,000 at El País USA edition.


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