Diptyque L’Eau Papier, Jones Road Beauty Shower & Perfumer H Powder ~ fragrance reviews

A few weeks ago, Robin posted a link to a Cosmopolitan article titled “I’m Sorry, But the #PerfumeTok influencers Are All Wrong.” Naturally, I couldn’t resist clicking. I agree with the author’s statement that “individual preferences and emotional ties,” rather than an effort to create an easily defined, neatly packaged “vibe,” should shape our individual perfume choices. And even if you have a favorite fragrance genre, you should feel free to play and experiment. Surprise yourself!

As you may already know if you’re a regular here, I basically major in old-fashioned florals (heavy on the rose, iris and violet) and minor in seashore-inspired scents. The first sub-genre fits my overall “aesthetic” (as #PerfumeTok would say) of clothing, reading and décor, I suppose; the second one doesn’t, but I still gravitate towards new salt-and-sand releases without fail. I’m nothing if not consistent. However, I recently realized that I’d been regularly wearing three scents that would be classified as “clean” rather than retro-floral or beach-y. How did that happen, I wondered? Basically, I came across these three perfumes under atypical circumstances, when my guard was down.

First example: one hot-and-humid Saturday during the never-ending summer of 2023, I was visiting the never-shady neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and noticing how many fragrance boutiques have popped up there lately. I went into a Diptyque shop, mostly just to escape the sun, and ended up purchasing Diptyque L’Eau Papier…

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