“Both of my grandmothers were chefs so I grew up in the kitchens and smelling the fields of flowers around our house,” she said from her home in Paris. Ms. [Dora] Baghriche, a senior perfumer at the fragrance development company Firmenich, has since created scents for major fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent and Estée Lauder.

But one of the most unusual challenges of her career came when an unexpected brand asked her to design a fragrance for new spaces they were building called “experience centers.”

The brand was Mastercard, befuddling Ms. Baghriche, 43. “When Mastercard told me what they wanted to do, my first question was, ‘Why?’” she said.

— Read more in When You Think About Your Credit Card, Does a Fragrance Come to Mind? at The New York Times.


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