Tuesday scent of the day 1/23

It’s Tuesday! It’s still January! There are 56 days left of winter! Also, National Pie Day. Birthdays: Stendhal, Édouard Manet, Derek Walcott (Walcott was born in Saint Lucia, and was the the second Caribbean writer to receive the Nobel prize for literature).* What fragrance are you wearing?

I’m in Dries Van Noten par Frédéric Malle, which in no way reminds me of the Carribbean but which does have nutmeg…still grown on Grenada, aka Spice Island. My matching tea is a blend of Upton Idulgashinna Estate Organic and Art of Tea Tali’s Masala Chai with an extra sprinkle of grated nutmeg.

Reminder: on 1/26, we’re off to The Caribbean…

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Friday scent of the day 7/19

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