They use it as a ritual, as a part of their daily lifestyle

When I moved to Dubai when I was 17, that was like taking it from love to next-level obsession — just a crazy fascination with fragrances. Because, in Dubai, people use perfume in such an interesting way. They use it as a ritual, as a part of their daily lifestyle, as a part of their celebrations — it’s just something that’s really celebrated in life. And it really inspired me to create a brand. I don’t think I would have been this obsessed and this inspired if I didn’t move to Dubai. It’s a perfume-lover’s playground. In every corner you go to in Dubai, there’s something about perfume, whether it’s a little kiosk selling really interesting, weird types of perfumes or the biggest perfume shop in the world.

— Mona Kattan on the fragrance obsession that led her to start the Kayali brand. Read more in Mona Kattan on growing Kayali: ‘Every delay has a blessing’ at Glossy.


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