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Vince Camuto, 3 pcs, Capri Eau de Parfum Spray Set

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Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4oz.
Eau de Parfum Spray, 0.34oz.
Body Lotion, 3.4oz

Top note: Citruses;
Middle notes: Violet and Peach Blossom;
Base notes: Musk and Vanilla.


Out of stock

SKU: 37738 Categories: , Tags: ,

Vince Camuto launches the new fragrance for women, Vince Camuto Capri arriving in the same flacon form as previous editions Vince Camuto from 2011, Fiori from 2013 as well as Bella and Amore from 2014. Flacon of fragrance Capri is colored in blue, alluding at the big blue surrounding the island of Capri, while its composition interprets cold and refreshing aromas of the Mediterranean. The neck of the bottle is decorated with a blue ribbon with Vince Camuto pendant with a relief emblem. Outer carton features a blue flower illustration.
Vince Camuto Capri provides invigorating citrus zests overlapping a bouquet of peach blossom and violet flowers, enriched with a blend of musk and vanilla. As breezes from the Mediterranean, aromas of Vince Camuto Capri will enrich all your senses and depict the beauty of the island of Capri in olfactive manner.


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