Monday scent of the day 10/23

It’s Monday and Mole Day. Birthdays: Johnny Carson, Pelé, Anita Roddick. What fragrance are you wearing?

I am feeling much better but still have a bit of lingering congestion…I’m probably going to be commando for a few more days.

Reminder: on 10/27 we’re doing Specialty woods…

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The daily lemming

From Acqua di Parma, the Chapeau candle(s) in Luce di Colonia: “Inspired by both Acqua di Parma’s famous fragrance bottle and the hats that give

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Friday scent of the day 7/12

Happy Friday and happy Simplicity Day (aka Henry David Thoreau’s birthday). RIP Shelley Duvall. Our community project for today is Cologne part 2: wear a

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